Sydney Modern, Art Gallery of NSW

MAKING CONNECTIONS…Given the 7 year time frame of my book on the Sydney Opera House evolving as a living thing, starting in 2011, I’m able to follow entire chains of connections … from the Ship Song video that opened up the Sydney Opera House to the world via the video directed by Paul Goldman, to … Continue reading Sydney Modern, Art Gallery of NSW


Walsh Bay Renewal

THE ENCYCLOPAEDIC REACH OF MY SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE BOOK. (Image: Walsh Bay from Dawes Point by Reg Mombassa) The Opera House’s renewal is happening within a citywide renewal that I cover in my book. The expanding of the experiences at the cultural institutions around the city is connecting them up as if there’s a force … Continue reading Walsh Bay Renewal

The Sydney Opera House is a Living Thing

What’s different about my book is that it considers how the Sydney Opera House is brought to life. As the economics of publishing has pushed architecture books towards the profession, with the life, the “program” outside their scope, I describe performances and food culture that could only happen at the Opera House. The resident Australian … Continue reading The Sydney Opera House is a Living Thing

Calculating the weight of rock’n’roll

With my Sydney Opera House book now complete I’m now thinking about how to continue combining music and architecture criticism, particularly focused on how rock’n’roll is evolving as an artform within cultural institutions. Two days ago Nick Cave sent out this message to everyone on his mailing list: “I’ve been feeling for a while that … Continue reading Calculating the weight of rock’n’roll