Sydney Opera House Book. Arup Chapter

MY SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE BOOK CHAPTER-BY-CHAPTER … The title is part of a comment made by architect Jorn Utzon in an interview he gave in 1970, three years before the building, completed by Australian architects Peter Hall, David Littlemore and Lionel Todd, opened. When Utzon was re-engaged as the Sydney Opera House’s architect in 1999 … Continue reading Sydney Opera House Book. Arup Chapter


The Art of Homage

THE ART OF HOMAGE not FAN ART. The David Bowie Instagram account is posting images from the fan art section of the exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Nick Cave has booked “talk to the audience” shows on the East Coast of America. Within the photographs and videos she’s posting from backstage and during soundchecks for … Continue reading The Art of Homage

Building a U2 concert and Walt Disney Concert Hall

Its handle is PopMech on Instagram and Twitter and every so often Popular Mechanics Magazine does put the Pop in Mechanics. Beyond the obsessive nerdfan chronicling of Elon Musk’s spaceflights, and frankly alarming survival guides … “How to Survive a Nuclear Attack” in the front of the current issue and ads for survival kits and … Continue reading Building a U2 concert and Walt Disney Concert Hall