Book Construction in Progress

CONSTRUCTION IN PROGRESS of Sydney Opera House Book.. As you can see Reg’s depictions of the Sydney Opera House are culturally fascinating and unique as is the story in this book about the  rich inner life of one of the most famous buildings on the planet. The details become more and more special on this … Continue reading Book Construction in Progress


The Sydney Opera House is a Living Thing

What’s different about my book is that it considers how the Sydney Opera House is brought to life. As the economics of publishing has pushed architecture books towards the profession, with the life, the “program” outside their scope, I describe performances and food culture that could only happen at the Opera House. The resident Australian … Continue reading The Sydney Opera House is a Living Thing

Calculating the weight of rock’n’roll

With my Sydney Opera House book now complete I’m now thinking about how to continue combining music and architecture criticism, particularly focused on how rock’n’roll is evolving as an artform within cultural institutions. Two days ago Nick Cave sent out this message to everyone on his mailing list: “I’ve been feeling for a while that … Continue reading Calculating the weight of rock’n’roll

Sydney Opera House book synopsis

Jorn Utzon’s Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous buildings on the planet. A powerful magnet, luring visitors from around the world to its ridiculously beautiful harbourside setting to photograph themselves against the dramatically sculptural assembly of its upended, nestled white roof shells. Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao with its billowing titanium … Continue reading Sydney Opera House book synopsis