About: Bespoke Books

Editions Ballard is a bookbinding factory based in Sydney, making books wholly in Australia, that are like nothing else on the market. I’ve invented a “floating” spine that allows the books to open flat at any page.The spines can be made from metal, which can also be printed, perspex, 3-D printed, and carved from unbreakable glass with 3D images etched into them.For musicians the covers can be finished with shellac, an homage to early recordings. For designers:  “architectural” finishes: ersatz concrete and metal.

“The books are so fundamental to the process now. I can’t visualise this next album — this next project — without them. There feels like there is an inherent inspirational wellspring within the books themselves. Are you doing voodoo on them?” Nick Cave 

“I LOVE these amazing notebooks, they’ve become quite central to my life.” Ben Marshall. Head of Contemporary Music, Vivid Live and Graphic at the Sydney Opera House

MAGNIFICENT!!!! LOVE the metal hinges! Perfect for my Robotics Lab Notes! Ken Goldberg. Robotics engineer & pioneer of telerobotic art installations on the internet.