The Art of Homage

THE ART OF HOMAGE not FAN ART. The David Bowie Instagram account is posting images from the fan art section of the exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Nick Cave has booked “talk to the audience” shows on the East Coast of America. Within the photographs and videos she’s posting from backstage and during soundchecks for her tour, Lorde is posting photographs of the shows taken by the audience (as Nick Cave did during his last world tour). A new world is being terraformed. .


I think this audience generated art should be called “the art of homage” not fan art. My next project, now that my Sydney Opera House book is well advanced, is an act of homage, and is the first of my hybrid printed/notebook concepts for music merchandising. .


It’s in admiration of both Nels Cline’s Lovers album and Angela de Cristofaro’s art. The drawing in the lower half of the photo above is a detail from Angela’s cover drawing for the next Nels Cline album, Currents, Constellations (and at top a page copied from an Alexander Calder notebook, with a book I made with super strong spirals I had manufactured.) .


I admire Nels’s collaborations with artists … Angela has done several album covers for him. He made a double album in response to a set of Ed Ruscha’s prints. And when Angela lived in Sydney she was very helpful in testing out some of my early binding concepts. .


I’ve always been inspired by Alexander Calder’s works, everything … the mobiles, the stabiles, and especially the jewellery that he made for his friends. And the fact that he was also an engineer. I saw one of his mobiles a few years ago at the MCA in Sydney. The polish and precision of the goofy petal shape pieces of the mobile was inspiring. And from how it worked aerodynamically, moving in a completely still atmosphere by the weight and distribution of the pieces, it was obviously the work of a poetic engineer.


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