The Conran’s Habitat of Music Merchandising


When I move to my larger studio I plan to have installations of what I’m calling “merchandise for living” selecting pieces of merchandise and styling them with extra furniture and objects to make a fully immersive living space. Selected items will be on sale, and there will be a catalogue like notebook (first 16 pages catalogue and essay and 200 pages of blank notebook .. or lined .. or gridded).

Terence Conran introduced a new way of living after the privations of the British WWII era. It was bright and brought in new concepts from around the world — duvets, woks. Just as brilliantly casual and alive was the way that he displayed the stock. In little scenarios and with the stock in boxes on shelves around the store.

Until that can happen I’m going to be simulating something like that here. Stay tuned.



#conranshabitat #midcenturymodern #brillianthomewares #musicmerchandise #designforliving #notebook #homewarescatalogue #independentmusician #independentpublisher


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