Brilliant Print

CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR MUSICIANS AND ARTISTS. I’m still suffering from major Awesome Merchandise and Bandcamp envy. I started my bookbinding business to do my own projects simply, cheaply and locally, in Sydney. And to help others do the same. Inspired by the early days of Kinkos, which used to be the most inventive place … before home printers were cheaper than vinyl albums (as they are now, ink is another matter though). Now it’s Awesome Merchandise’s zine printing that’s my standard for brilliantly creative print projects..


In L.A. there was a copy shop I used to go (not Kinkos but same spirit). They first asked, what do you want to do, how do you want it to look? Then they made Sometimes off-the-wall suggestions. A young architecture student came in wanting to copy her drawings onto sandpaper. Obviously that was a step too far for the machines, but one of the guys in the store sent her to a nearby art store for a couple of sheets of textured drawing paper that he cut down to A4, then they tested everything they could do with the machine — he played that thing like an instrument — and she ended up with copies of her drawings that rewarded her creativity. .


I’ve been designing my book in @Canva. Several people from Canva have been helping me. Today I took my file to a printer to get a higher res print out of my book (galley proofs now corrected). I was told I should be using Indesign not Canva. They took my file and didn’t give me a choice of paper, and — perhaps it was my fault, I might have formatted it wrongly — the margins moved around and it looks horrible on the page. Oh, and they wanted to charge me $75 for 30 double sided pages. They instead gave me corporate rate (a little over half that). But if I was doing a hundred copies it would have been $8 for the whole thing. .


I can see now I need my own printer. And I’m absolutely committed to helping the musician and artist equivalent of that architecture student. It’s more important that the first copy is $8 rather than the 100th. And I intend to find a way to make that happen. .


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