20 Page Reg Mombassa Magazine in my Sydney Opera House Book


The photograph shows the first stage in the assembly of the book in the Editions Ballard Studio.

The pages folded up into sections allow me to figure out the width of the spine, so I can have the spine pieces laser cut. There’s the list of checked footnotes. I’ve made sure they’re connected to the right quotes.


The story about Reg in the magazine will cover topics he doesn’t usually get to talk about in magazine articles.

….How his music & art are intertwined

. ….How the album and concert posters that he does for other bands relate to his own art, rock and roll art in general, and how he interprets the music of others in creating art for them.

…..And his activist art. How he considers the city that the Sydney Opera House is a symbol for. He’s done posters for the City of Sydney when New Year’s Eve ambassador in 2013 and for the residents of Millers Point, being forced out of housing. .

This is a prototype for a book for musicians. It can be compiled slowly, over time, and compiled when there are enough sections to make a book. Or broken down from a book, and the individual pieces sold and signed at shows. .



The value of doing this edition in the studio is that the sections are arranged in a way that makes sense to the content, not to a commercial printer. The front piece is 8 pages. The chapter sections are booklets of between 8 and 12 pages each. And at the back there’s a 20 page Reg Mombassa Magazine, with 11 pages of images, printed full page, a 5 page interview, and on the back page, which is the back cover of the book, there will be a merchant page, which Reg can use to provide information about buying his records and art. .


When this book goes to the next edition, the Reg Mombassa magazine won’t be there. There will be a number of full page images of Reg’s, however.


There are still 31 copies of the super limited edition. Purchase details in lead post.


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